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Lip Injections

lip-injectionSeeking out a reputable lip injections clinic in the city centre of Newcastle?  We do this procedure each week, we have trained staff who are here to help answer any questions you have and of course, help you achieve the look you are after.  Lip Injections are safe when administered by a professional aesthetic person, it should be painless and the results are more or less instant.  The swelling does need to reduce but after a few hours, you will start to see the benefits of the treatment.

Lip Injections for a Special Occasion

You might want some lip injections because you have a special occasion coming up and you want to look your best to impress everyone, or it could be that you are getting married and looking for luscious lips so you can look fabulous in your pictures forever.  We have trained staff in our Newcastle city centre clinic, we also have a UK branch network so if Newcastle doesn’t suit you geographically, ask us for a clinic recommendation.

Lip Injections in Newcastle

We have all seen the pictures in the media of lip injection procedures that have gone wrong, or when people get it done too many times in exactly the same area, especially if the area becomes too fake looking.  We pride ourselves on how we apply this procedure and also our after care support.  We are here to help and support our patients and we find we get most new clients via recommendation.

We only use the best lip injections products, licensed in the U.K. and we can go through all these products with you, the cost(s) attached and advise of realistic outcomes.  You will probably find your confidence soar when you have had this treatment done, it makes you feel sexy, alert and confident to face the world.

Lip Injections Consultation

We will ask you in for a FREE lip injections initial consultation, if you wish to be treated the same day, please let us know at the time of booking the appointment.  The skin and allergy test will be done and then we can safely proceed.  The procedure takes under 30mts for one area, we do our best to ensure you are happy with the result, however we will always advise on caution if you haven’t had this done before.  To make the appointment to visit us and talk further, please complete the website form.

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