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Eye Filler

eye-filler-newcastleLooking to soften the appearance of skin around your eyes?  You will be thinking about getting eye fillers, you may have read about the eye fillers treatment in magazines or online, it is very popular, takes less than 30mts to complete and you can go straight back to work afterwards, if you get it done in your lunch hour.

The procedure is administered by our Aesthetic Practitioner who will take time to ask questions, manage expectations and run through the Pros and Cons with you before you get it done.  Our job is to help you to look your best.  The bonus of eye fillers is they make you look more youthful, take the frown lines away and generally you feel better about yourself.  The eyes are the windows to your soul, people can sometimes tell instantly how energised you feel, just by looking at you.

Eye Fillers Newcastle

The skin is sensitive in this area, so we recommend the work is only done by a qualified person.  All our practitioners have received the appropriate training and are competent in this procedure.  In our busy Newcastle clinic, we treat thousands of people each year, we have been established many years and have a regular patient base who keep coming back to us.  Our patients know we care about our work and they reap the benefits of our skills and expertise.

You might want to consider other treatments to brighten up your appearance.  Speak to our specialists and they can make some suggestions, only after meeting you in person and going through a consultation.

Eye Fillers Consultation

To make an appointment, please complete the form on this website or alternatively, call us.  The appointment is FREE and we use this time to do a skin test to ensure you won’t have any reaction to the products and to answer any questions you may have.  Our clinic has a late evening each week, so do ask about this when you call in.

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