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Eye Filler Treatment Costs

eye-filler-treatment-costs-newcastleIf you are researching the best price for the popular eye filler treatment and live in Newcastle, speak to us. We are a reputable, long established clinic and we treat thousands of patients each year. Some patients say the reason for wanting this done is because of the loose skin around their eyes, the frown lines, fine wrinkles and generally the way they feel older. The skin around the eye area is quite thin, it is sensitive and we are experts in administering this procedure.  We only use the best products in our Newcastle clinic and we treat thousands of people each year.

Eye Filler Treatment Costs Newcastle

A vial is simply a measurement of the anti-wrinkle injectable liquid administered during treatment. Typically, treatment for nose to mouth lines require 1 – 2 vials, marrionette lines require 1 vial, lips require 1 – 2 vials and cheeks require 2 vials.


JUVEDERM® ULTRA 2     £245       Per vial

JUVEDERM® FOR LIPS    £300       Per vial

JUVEDERM® ULTRA 4     £310       Per vial

JUVEDERM® HYDRATE   £220       Per vial

JUVEDERM® VOLUMA   £395     Per vial

Botox® /Dermal fillers

1 TREATMENT AREA FROM          £180




Lip Fillers

JUVEDERM®  0.5ml  £140

JUVEDERM®  1ml £180

The results should last several years, so it really is a worthwhile investment in your appearance.

Eye Filler Treatment Products

There are many expensive lotions and potions you can purchase, however they may only act like a cosmetic primer, filling in the lines until you take the make-up off (for most females).   The eye filler treatments offer a long-term solution, without the use of special creams, potions etc.

Eye Filler Treatment Costs Consultation

We suggest that you make an appointment to get an accurate cost, this way you can budget, especially if you are getting both eyes done.  We will need to carry out a skin test to ensure you don’t have any unexpected reaction to the product.  The first appointment is FREE, if you want to get the skin test, consult and then treatment on the same day that is absolutely fine, please just tell our staff when you call us as we will need to set enough time aside for you.

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