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Eye Bag Filler

eye-bag-fillers-newcastleDo you have dark areas under your eyes and looking into eye bag fillers?  Females have the option of applying make-up to cover up their dark eyes, but if you are a male it isn’t as easy.  The options are quite limited, until now.  Our Newcastle clinic, with a UK branch network, offers the revolutionary eye bag fillers treatment.  Administered by our resident Pracititioner will apply the filler and the treatment should last several years.

Eye Bag Fillers Newcastle

The procedure is safe and pain-free, it will solve your drooping eyebrows and take away the sunken tired appearance that you have grown to hate. The other bonus is the treatment itself can take years off your physical appearance, so it really is a win-win. Stress is a terrible thing and the impact it has on your appearance is very telling around the eyes.  People say eyes are the window to the soul and its correct, we can instantly look at someone and see if they are anxious, tired, excited etc.  Life can be hard, so why not look your best with an eye bag fillers treatment?

The eye bag fillers treatment is done by a highly skilled Aesthetic Practitioner, it will take no more than 30 minutes to do in total and you can return to work afterwards.  One of the most common reasons patients like this procedure is it smooths the skin, as we get older, the skin around the eyes loosens and the wrinkles are more prominent.  We can take this away with the fillers and make you feel and look more confident.

If you were looking for a complete overhaul, you could speak to us about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to give your entire face a lift.

Eye Bag Fillers Consultation

Patients feel anxious about procedures, especially on their face, however our staff are sensitive, discreet and above all understand the angst you go through.  We take time to speak to you about the eye bag fillers procedure(s) you are considering and we ensure you fully understand what to expect.  To make a consultation time, please complete the form on the website, or call us.


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