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Dermal Filler

dermal-filler-clinic-newcastleLooking for a reputable, discreet dermal filler clinic in Newcastle?  We only employ the most highly trained practitioners for our branches throughout the UK.  Dermal Fillers are sought after to reduce the appearance of lines on the face.  It is a popular, safe and effective treatment for both females and males.

Dermal Filler Clinic in Newcastle City Centre

We only use fillers that are of the highest quality, please feel free to discuss the brands at consultation stage with our Aesthetic Practitioner.  Our dermal filler clinic has been established for many years and has a reputation for providing excellent work, caring about our patients and we offer a responsive after-care service.  What more could you want when you are spending money on your appearance?

Dermal Filler Cost

The actual cost depends on the number of syringes we use and also the product.  The areas we generally treat are; lip and mouth fillers, facial fillers and we cover the cheek area. Other parts of the body that you may want to discuss fillers for are the underarm and also the butt.  Think of the celebrities who appear regularly in magazines with the perfect butt silhouette.

Dermal Filler Clinic

Our Newcastle dermal filler clinic is near to the railway station and bus routes.  We treat thousands of patients each year and we believe we offer the best treatments and customer service than any other dermal filler clinic in the UK.  We are proud of our work and discretion is absolutely key when dealing with our patients.

Dermal Filler Clinic Consultation

If you haven’t been to our Newcastle clinic before, we always ask to meet with you prior to any work being carried out.  We do skin and allergy testing to ensure you don’t have any form of reaction to the products.  Regardless if you have had treatments elsewhere, we prefer to meet first to be safe.  You can have a consultation and then work done on the same day, but please allow for this time factor.  To arrange the consultation, please either complete the form on this website, or call us.


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