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Botox Fillers

botox-fillers-newcastleSearching for a Botox® clinic in Newcastle that offers painless Botox® injections? Are you looking for the very best Botox® fillers? Do you live, commute or work in Newcastle or are you here for a break and looking to treat yourself to get that perfect youthful look? We have Hundreds of satisfied clients who have chosen us when it came to their facial filler treatments.

Botox® Fillers in Newcastle

Botox® fillers is a treatment that is now more popular than ever. Both males and females use Botox® injections as a regular beauty treatment. Customers of all ages use Botox®  fillers as anti-wrinkle treatments or as filler enhancement treatments. Botox® is one of the very best selling dermal filler products.  More and more facial wrinkle products are on the market but trust in us to only use tried and tested products licensed in the UK. Botox® fillers are one of our most popular that we use and will recommend.

We have a highly experienced team who will only use quality dermal filler products and will use Botox® fillers, as an anti-wrinkle filler or lip injection treatment every day. Botox® is one of the few quality, tried, tested and UK licensed products available today. As a quality dermal filler clinic in Newcastle, we pride ourselves in only using the very best facial fillers. Botox fillers are heavily used in our Newcastle facial filler clinic and can be used in all areas of the face as well as an underarm filler or bottom filler.

Botox® Fillers Clinic Newcastle

All new customer to our clinic must have a skin test carried out before any Botox® fillers can be administered even if you have had Botox® fillers before at another clinic. The test does not take long at all, we can even go ahead and do the Botox® fillers treatment straight after the test if it is suitable. To arrange a FREE consultation call our team or fill out a website form today.

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