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Botox Injections

botox-injections-belle-dermal-fillers-newcastleLooking for a dermal filler clinic in Newcastle that offers safe and painless Botox® injections? Are you searching for the very best facial filler treatments? We are a clinic that will only use the best dermal wrinkle products all at an affordable Botox® injections price. With all this in mind, dermal filler clinic in Newcastle might just be what you are looking for.

Botox® Injections in Newcastle

Botox® injections are used as facial anti-wrinkle treatments, lip injections as lip fillers, bottom fillers and under arm fillers.

Botox® is a tried and tested UK licensed product that has proven success in lip injections, cheek fillers, eye bag fillers and jowl fillers. It can also be used as a tear trough filler treatment and for wrinkles around the mouth. Botox® injections cover most if not all facial filler treatments. Botox® is one of the quality facial filler products we use and recommend at our Botox® injections clinic in Newcastle.

We will only use quality tested products which have a UK licence, administered by fully qualified staff, we feel this is the ideal recipe for happy customers as they absolutely trust us to carry out their dermal filler treatments and keep coming back for more.

Botox® Injections Clinic in Newcastle

A very high % of customers come back to us for Botox® injections. We will not do walk-ins for regular customers or new customers, we only do by appointment. All new clients must have a skin test prior to any facial wrinkle or lip injection treatment, even if you have had Botox® injections before at another clinic. The test allows us to check for any allergies and to advice on what we feel would be the very best dermal filler treatment specific to you. The first appointment is FREE and the test takes a few minutes. If the test is OK we can carry on with the Botox® injections right away. Give our team a call or fill out a website form to book an appointment now.


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