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Juvederm Injections

juvederm-injections-newcastleOur Newcastle clinic offers safe and pain-free Juvederm Injections at a reasonable cost. We have a branch network throughout the U.K. and our practitioners are the best in the industry. Each week we treat patients who are looking for Juvederm to be applied either to their face, or other parts of their body.

Juvederm Injections Newcastle City Centre

Our Newcastle City Centre clinic is ideally placed for you to find, we are close to the train station and bus routes. Our clients refer us to their friends and family after receiving treatment from us, so we know we are doing our job well. Our intention is to make you feel the best you can possibly be, ensuring that we help to manage your expectations at the same time.

Juvederm injections are becoming very popular, especially when you watch the TV and the reality stars regularly get cosmetic work, to look their best on the Television. Most patients ask for Juvederm injections on their face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet or frown lines. We can apply the product to your cheeks for enhancement, or even your underarm to stop sweating.

We only get professional aesthetic individuals to work in our clinics, we invite you in for a FREE consultation to discuss the procedure with you. Our staff are highly skilled and we invest each year in their training to ensure they are kept up to date regarding new products and techniques.

Juvederm Injections – get a consultation today

We will only administer the Juvederm injections if we feel it’s right for you, if you wish multiple areas to be done, we may not be able to do this on the same day. The initial consultation is FREE, we will carry out a skin test to make sure you won’t have any reaction to this particular product. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the website form on this site, or call us on the numbers above.

Call Us: 0191 580 3696