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Dermal Filler Prices

dermal-filler-prices-newcastle-belle-dermal-fillerLooking for a respectable Dermal Filler Clinic in Newcastle City Centre that is reasonably priced?  We treat thousands of patients each year specifically for Dermal Fillers on the body and face.  Our prices are fair and we only administer the best products available in the marketplace.

Dermal Filler Prices – Newcastle

There are many different brands of fillers available, we always recommend that you book an appointment with our trained Practitioner who will cover your medical history and do a skin test, this ensures we know you won’t have any reaction to the products.

Our staff in the Newcastle clinic are discreet, patient and above all knowledgeable.  We only employ staff who have several years’ experience in this industry.  We are very discreet and ask that you are 100% honest if you have had this procedure carried out before (even years ago), our goal is for you to be happy with the treatment and return to our clinic for further work to be done.

Dermal Filler Prices Range

The dermal filler prices depend on the number of areas treated, the amount of product we use and if there is a specific area you want more focus and attention on.  Every person needs a consultation beforehand however, it is possible to consult and treat on the same day.  The appointment time can range from 30mts to 90mts depending on what you need and want done.

Below is a fairly accurate guide to our dermal filler prices;

  • From only £100 per area for Derrmal Filler treatments
  • From £170 for a 1ml syringe and £130 for a half ml

To get an accurate price for the specific procedure you want, please complete the form on this website, or call us.  We are conveniently located in Newcastle and look forward to speaking with you. We will do our utmost to offer you a consultation time that suits you.


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